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Crucibles crucible crucibles


Crucibles that are Ultra High Purity are almost essential for laboratory wear and microwave applications. The almost zero levels of impurity in the crucibles allow for low to zero contamination with the materials being examined. The laboratory ware Crucibles can also be used at elevated temperatures, approximately 1600oC for extended periods or 1800oC for shorter periods without failure of the vessel.

High Corrosion Resistant Crucibles

Crucibles that are Ultra High Purity are also ideal for highly acidic and alkaline conditions due to its high corrosion resistance and its high wear resistance naturally lends itself to being suited for mortars and pestles.

Crucibles with microwave applications, the alumina is almost invisible to the microwaves, making it an ideal microwave chamber.

Taylor Ceramic Engineering specialises in all types of High temprature scientific laboratory Alumnia Crucibles ranging from

  • Alumina Crucibles: cylindrical, classic shaped, rectangular, square
  • Reaction boats - Alumina
  • Trays - Alumina
  • Lids – can be supplied for all alumina crucibles, reaction boats and trays
  • Mortars and pestle for alumina crucibles
  • Stirrers - Alumina
  • Substrates - Alumina
  • Furnace and thermocouple tubes - Alumina
  • Equipment location spacers - Alumina

We can also custom manufacture virtually any shape required for your application, with any number of holes, slots or other geometric or dimensional requirements.

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Crucibles - Australia Made Australian Made means that we contribute to the Australian community whilst producing and delivering products substantially quicker than our overseas competitors.

Alyssa Taylor
CEO Taylor Ceramic Engineering