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Taylor Ceramic Engineering developed one of the world’s leading ceramic forming technologies over 40 years ago in our research laboratories in Sydney, Australia. To date it is still a leading technology in the production of the largest formed near-to-theoretical density monolithic ceramic shapes.

Over the past 30 years ceramic technology has advanced rapidly to meet the needs of expanding industries such as mining, electronic, steel and chemical. The constant change and improvement to technologies and the development of new ceramic materials and processes is augmenting the materials revolution.

New materials have been created during this period such as high purity ceramics, transformation toughened ceramics, particulate reinforced ceramics and non-oxide ceramics. However one major obstacle to some of these engineering ceramics has been the ability to form large or complex predictably sized shapes. Taylor Ceramic Engineering’s Nett-Forming technology can overcome these obstacles.

Engineering ceramics, usually high purity are formed by a variety of techniques. In general, the process consists of blending suitable ceramic grade powders with specific additive and lubrication systems and compacting into either a blank or rough shape by pressing, extruding or casting.

This shape may then be machined in its unfired state and then fired to sinter or fuse the ceramic particles together. It may then be subjected to post firing processes such as machining, cutting and polishing to the required dimensional tolerances. This adds considerably to productions costs with every stage yielding wasted material.

The forming technology developed by Taylor Ceramic Engineering has overcome virtually all of these problems. The process is a departure from traditional forming technologies facilitating the production of very intricate shapes with relative ease and low energy. Predictable sintering accuracies, the elimination of the unfired machining stage and a high density forming capability give a decisive edge to this forming technology.

The technology is also highly adaptable and flexible to production runs ranging from ‘one off’ pilot plant trials and experiments to production runs of thousands. This capability offers cost effective engineering ceramics, with outstanding performances well proven over many years of service, available to a wide range of applications.

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Taylor Ceramic Engineering developed one of the world’s leading ceramic forming technologies over
40 years ago.