What is Ultra High Purity Ceramic Engineering, for items such as Crucibles What is Ultra High Purity Ceramic Engineering, for items such as Crucibles
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An All Rounder Solution

Most industries can experience a number of challenges during processing and manufacturing of their raw materials and components. In order to combat these challenges Taylor Ceramic Engineering can design, manufacture and supply an ‘all rounder’ superior quality Ultra High Purity Alumina ceramic solution. This ceramic is currently the most popular and cost effective solution with all-round suitability and has a purity ranging from 99+%. Ultra High Purity Alumina ceramic performs well under a wide range of abrasive, erosive and corrosive conditions, with operating temperatures of up to 1600oC constant or 1800oC intermittent.

Competitive Pricing

There are many Aluminas on the market ranging in body composition from 85%-99.9%, however the wear and corrosion resistance increases with higher Alumina content. Taylor Ceramic Engineering’s proprietary processing and manufacturing techniques, developed over the last 45 years, ensure that a high performance product is provided at competitive pricing structures compared with lower grade Aluminas.

Surface Finishes

For most industrial applications, an ‘as made’ surface finish is all that is required. This essentially means that the component undergoes no post-firing processes to the surface such as machining and the product in this instance has a very slight surface roughness. In more technical applications a smooth surface or even a polished surface is required. This can be readily achieved by precision machining and precision polishing to a wide range of required surface finishes.


Mostly in industry ‘nett fired’ tolerances are suitable in a wide range of applications. Depending on the geometry of the shape and the size this may only be a fraction of a millimetre, but in some very large shapes can be a few millimetres, or a few percent of the total dimension. However it is often the case that tighter tolerances are required, for example where parts fit together in an assembly. In this instance it is possible to achieve a few microns (micrometers) in tolerance over a number of dimensions on the component.

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