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Taylor Ceramic Engineering had its genesis in a small factory space in Rockdale, Sydney in 1967. It was founded as Taylor Art Ceramics by Julie and David Taylor, manufacturing glazed bonsai pots for the domestic and international markets.

In the mid 1970’s with new interest in engineering ceramics, Julie and David redirected their focus toward Alumina ceramic and by the early 1980’s were starting to supply world markets with Ultra High Purity components manufactured by their company Taylor Ceramic Engineering.

Since then, Taylor Ceramic Engineering has progressed to be a world supplier of monolithic, multilithic and specialist parts manufactured from Ultra High Purity Alumina ceramic. From the precursor raw material through to manufacture and machining processes Taylor Ceramic Engineering is involved in all stages of the manufacture of Ultra High Purity Alumina components to tackle industrial requirements and challenges, be they abrasion, erosion or corrosion resistance or electrical resistance and isolation.

We have developed all stages of product manufacture over many years of research and development, and as such can not only assist with part manufacture, but can also be of assistance during the design phase. With our Ultra High Purity Alumina ceramic, we can solve abrasion, erosion, corrosion and electrical insulation challenges in hundreds of industries.

For new installation, refits or retrofits, please contact our sales team today at or please call us on (02) 9534 1300.